Friday, February 25, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

A little bit of sunshine from James De La Vega on this rainy day.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Carrot Cake Coming Soon

It looks like Lloyd's Carrot Cake will be expanding to a second location in East Harlem. The new shop will be located on Lexington, between 99th and 100th Streets, next to Vinyl Wine. That is going to be a pretty delicious block.

See the East Harlem NYC Lloyd's Carrot Cake review.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

East Harlem, The Basics 4 (Vintage Style Edition)

Entrepreneur, writer, editor, vintage stylist, life enthusiast and all around creative gal Sammy Davis has some great advice for East Harlemites.

Pizza: Sam's Famous Pizzs
116th & Lexington

Coffee: SpaHa Cafe
between 116th & 117th on Lexington

Brunch: Orbit Cafe
2257 1st Ave., at the corner of 116th St.

See the East Harlem NYC Orbit review.
As noted by Levi in the comments, Orbit is closed indefinitely for renovations.

Groceries: Pathmark @ 125th BUT there is an Asian fruit market I love on 3rd avenue between 115th & 116th called Lee's Fruit Market

Laundry: I forget it's official name ... on 115th between 3rd & Lexington

Take-out: oh oh! you gotta visit these guys! Makana's Hawiaan BBQ & Sushi! It's on 1st Avenue between 115th & 116th -- JUST opened

And then specifically for you, best thrift store or shopping locations?
Goodwill at 123rd & 3rd Avenue.

Take a look at Sammy's site.

If you're an East Harlemite and would like to tell us your "Basics" shoot me an email.

East Harlem NYC in the New York Daily News

This blog is featured in today's Upper Manhattan section of the New York Daily News. Pick up a copy or check it out online. I'm thrilled to be included! A big thanks to reporter Clem Richardson for reaching out to me for the piece.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love is in the Air at Earl's

Have you been to East Harlem's (or is it in the way Upper East Side?) awesome new bar Earl's Beer and Cheese? Yes, your prayers for a local bar have finally been answered, and the food is way more than you could have imagined...unless you imagined pork belly, kimchi grilled cheese paired with obscure but awesome microbrews –– because that's exactly what they've got.
If you haven't been to Earl's yet, you must check it out, and there's no better time than Valentine's Day (gentlemen,that's February 14th, please note). They have a fantastic meal lined up with wine pairings from their brother shop Vinyl Wine. The second course of pork belly confit (hmmm, does someone have a thing for pork belly? I think yes.) braised in duck fat with avocado puree and pickled red onion has my mouth watering. $50 a person, give them a call 212-289-1581. As Michael Faircloth, co-owner of Vinyl Wine said on Facebook yesterday, "Every Kiss Begins With Earl's!" I couldn't agree more.

Earl's Beer and Cheese
1259 Park Ave
(between 97th St & 98th St)
Manhattan, NY 10029

The New New Harlem in New York Mag

File this under: Not quite East Harlem, but it's still nice to see uptown getting some love. After spending an evening at Harlem's Bier International, I was excited to open my new issue of New York Magazine and see an extensive feature on Harlem. Bier International (definitely worth heading over the west side and checking out), Red Rooster, Aloft Harlem hotel and dozens of other hot spots are reviewed. The issue is worth picking up so you can explore the other new new Harlem.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Furthering Your East Harlem Education

Are you the sort of East Harlemite who loves to impress friends on walks around the neighborhood with your stories of famous figures who've lived here? Or maybe you're a new neighbor and want to learn about the history of East Harlem. Then there are no better books for you to own than Christopher Bell's East Harlem and his follow up book East Harlem Revisited. They offer readers a visual tour of the emerging area from the early 1900's to today. Bell, who was raised in East Harlem, strings together the complex and ever changing history of the neighborhood. My favorite sections were the stories of Italian Harlem, I love to think about men playing bocce in the parks around here. I was also excited to learn that playwright Arthur Miller and actor Al Pacino were both East Harlemites.

East Harlem and East Harlem Revisited are published by Arcadia Publishing.

Full Disclosure: Arcadia Publishing sent me East Harlem Revisited and my dad lent me East Harlem, which he owned, when I moved into the area. Hmmm, he probably wants it back.

Two Sides of East Harlem

No where else in East Harlem is the area's status as emerging neighborhood more clearly defined than it is on Lexington and 110th Street. An abandoned building, with boarded up windows, sits around the block from one of the largest, and for lack of a better term most luxurious, luxury buildings around. The juxtaposition always startles me.