Sunday, April 5, 2009

New York Restoration Project Gardeners Gathering

Sam and I volunteered at New York Restoration Project's Second Annual Gardeners Gathering last weekend. NYPR is a program started by Bette Midler to develop green spaces throughout New York City. This event was held at Thomas Jefferson Recreation Center on First Avenue at 112 St. The meeting gathered gardeners who work on NYRP community gardens to give out out seeds and plants, horticultural information, and generally encourage gardening in New York City. We helped serve lunch at the event. It was really interesting to hear various gardeners tell stories of the trials and tribulations that they had encountered on the way to establishing their gardens. We wanted to meet a gardener in our neighborhood, and we did. We connected with the lead gardener from an herb garden around the block from us that we are very excited to start work on. To find out about working on a garden in East Harlem check out NYPR's website.


Below are some photos from the event.

Naturally it was a very green event.

Festive Street Scene: 2nd Ave and 110th