Sunday, April 12, 2009

Walkerswood Caribbean Restaurant

Ate at Walkerswood Caribbean Restaurant for lunch today, on 2nd Ave between 109/110. They have a daily lunch special with a couple of options from the menu for only $6. I tried several items from the lunch special - the BBQ chicken and the curry goat, as well as a chicken patty.

The chicken patty was great, the pastry was light and fresh and the filling delicious (and only a buck seventy five). The BBQ chicken was good, I got it with rice and beans and veggies. It was sweet, which i don't normally care for, but this was really good and tender and juicy - real chicken although with lots of little bones. The curry goat was good as well, although a little dry. I would have preferred it with more sauce, but it was quite spicy and great with a beer.

The restaurant itself is incredibly plain, half white walls, half sky blue with just a couple of tables. You order from a really nice guy in a little booth/kitchen in the back of the restaurant. I would definitely suggest checking out Walkerswood, grab it to go, pick up a couple of beers and try something you wouldn't normally order. -Sam

2135 2nd Ave (btwn 109/110th)
New York, NY 10029

(212) 996-2310

Recommended Dishes/Drinks: BBQ Chicken w/ Rice & Beans

Average Dish Price: $9, Lunch Special $6

Savoy Bakery

When I stepped off the train the first time I'd come to East Harlem last summer, I admittedly had no idea what to expect. But not long after walking eastward on 110th I was quickly surprised to see a great little bakery called Savoy. Savoy is a bit of an anomaly on 110th, with its all-glass front, slate floors, brick walls, wood-crate bar stools and warm ambient lighting, you can't help staring in as you walk by. Once inside you'll find fun, colorful art on the walls, a long glass counter full of delicious baked goods, and cheerful hired hands that are happy to chat about Law & Order filming nearby or the walls in the Library next door falling in.

The food is quite good, although virtually everything is very bready. They have sweet and savory items alike, from regular items like croissants, danishes and cookies to curry beef puffs and pigs-in-a-blanket. The cakes and pies in the front counter look like they deserve to be hung on the walls with the rest of the art. Gloria thinks the coffee is a little too strong, I think it's perfect. And the best part of it all is the prices are very reasonable.

We've walked past Savoy on several occasions when the lights were dimmed, candles lit and curtains semi-drawn. You can book the bakery for a private party, they have a full kitchen and will work with you on planning a complete dinner. They also do catering if you are in the need of such services.

It's lucky Savoy does not have couches, the place feels so warm and comfortable I would have been asleep within 5 minutes on this chilly drizzly day. There may be a million places similar to Savoy throughout the city, but in East Harlem they're few and far between. There are great bakeries for sure throughout the neighborhood, but if you are on 110th Savoy is definitely worth popping into. -Sam

170 East 110th Street (btwn Lex/3rd Ave, 6 train to 110th)
New York, NY 10029

(212) 828-8896

Recommended Dishes/Drinks: Red Bean Danish, Pig-in-a-Blanket, Chocolate Eclair, Coffee

Average Dish Price: $1.50