Sunday, April 12, 2009

Walkerswood Caribbean Restaurant

Ate at Walkerswood Caribbean Restaurant for lunch today, on 2nd Ave between 109/110. They have a daily lunch special with a couple of options from the menu for only $6. I tried several items from the lunch special - the BBQ chicken and the curry goat, as well as a chicken patty.

The chicken patty was great, the pastry was light and fresh and the filling delicious (and only a buck seventy five). The BBQ chicken was good, I got it with rice and beans and veggies. It was sweet, which i don't normally care for, but this was really good and tender and juicy - real chicken although with lots of little bones. The curry goat was good as well, although a little dry. I would have preferred it with more sauce, but it was quite spicy and great with a beer.

The restaurant itself is incredibly plain, half white walls, half sky blue with just a couple of tables. You order from a really nice guy in a little booth/kitchen in the back of the restaurant. I would definitely suggest checking out Walkerswood, grab it to go, pick up a couple of beers and try something you wouldn't normally order. -Sam

2135 2nd Ave (btwn 109/110th)
New York, NY 10029

(212) 996-2310

Recommended Dishes/Drinks: BBQ Chicken w/ Rice & Beans

Average Dish Price: $9, Lunch Special $6

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