Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday 4 the Foodies: East Harlem Eats

There's a great post on the music blog Roll With It on places to eat in East Harlem.

"This week I thought I’d take everyone on a visual tour of what I feel is a neglected foodie area of New York City for some people – Lexington Avenue from 96th Street to 104th street in East Harlem."

They've covered some great spots...definitely worth a look.

East Harlem Rated 54th

East Harlem was ranked 54th out of 60 neighborhoods in New York Magazine's Best Places to Live listing. I've always thought of East Harlem as an "up-and-coming" place to live, so I was surprised it was so low. To me the neighborhood gets points for diversity, Mexican food, Central Park and the museums. Why do you love East Harlem? What makes it the area for you?