Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carrot Cake Cafe

I love that New York City can support entire stores and districts devoted to such specific products; there's a flower, lighting and restaurant supply district in Manhattan. Not to mention the a Phlli Cheese Steak shop and the Cheese Cake bakery downtown. East Harlem is no different, over here it's our carrot cake cafe, Lloyd's. Lloyd's prides itself on its fresh ingredients, according to their Website, "In a world of artificial industrial mass-produced products, Lloyd's Carrot Cake stands out as one of the few all-natural wholesome and artesian bakeries worth fighting to preserve."

I picked up one of these all-natural wonders a few weeks ago for an early Halloween party. I knew the cake was dense right away as it made my short walk home very uncomfortable while carrying my small but heavy cake. It was worth it; the cake was a huge hit at the party, moist and perfectly frosted. Now, this could be a plus or minus for some folks, but in the past I've had a few carrot cakes that have had strings of carrots throughout the cake, I'm not the hugest fan of this, and I liked that this one was more blended more cake-like less actual pieces of carrot. If you are a fan of this cake-like style definitely think of picking up a cake for Thanksgiving, it's such a perfect fall dessert. If you can't finish a whole cake they also sell slices at the shop.

Lloyd's Carrot Cake Cafe (note the East Harlem shop is not on the site)
2051 Second Ave

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