Saturday, October 31, 2009

You're Invited! East Harlem Costco Opens

I'm sure I wasn't the only East Harlem resident who received a mailer from Costco in today's mail. The mailer announces the opening date, November 12th, along with coupons and special offers. There has been so much excitement, controversy and delays surrounding the East River Plaza that it's hard to believe it's actually happening.

Are you planning on becoming a member of the new East Harlem Costco? Will you be there on opening day?

116th St Costco
527 E 117th St


  1. How come target and home depot built gardens on 117th and costco didnt??

  2. I'm looking forward to being there on opening day. Thank you Costco. Good luck with this fantastic store you've built and all of your hard work to bring good products and good prices to the public.

  3. Those Target & Home Depot gardens are just more cement, not real gardens.

  4. I don't know man, I don't trust in this area of the city, you know I had some problem with the brothers of this side of the city never sleep.

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