Tuesday, October 27, 2009


After a grueling, yet disappointing volleyball game my team hit Joy Burger for some burgers and beers. The joint has a great 1950's vibe -- vintage Coke ads, retro bar stools and the guys working the grill line have these great mechanic jump suits that are right out of Grease. They serve classic "road side" burgers, but if you're interested in mixing it up a bit order one of their sauces like garlic mayo. The team loved the burgers, the milkshakes and the fantastic prices. The burgers start at $3.50 (they come in three sizes depending on your craving) and the beers are $3.75. We also got some Patatas (they're sweet potato fries served with maple syrup) on the house. Score! Our dinner was way more successful then our game!

Joy Burger
1567 Lexington Ave at 100th St
(212) 289-6222

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