Thursday, February 17, 2011

East Harlem, The Basics 4 (Vintage Style Edition)

Entrepreneur, writer, editor, vintage stylist, life enthusiast and all around creative gal Sammy Davis has some great advice for East Harlemites.

Pizza: Sam's Famous Pizzs
116th & Lexington

Coffee: SpaHa Cafe
between 116th & 117th on Lexington

Brunch: Orbit Cafe
2257 1st Ave., at the corner of 116th St.

See the East Harlem NYC Orbit review.
As noted by Levi in the comments, Orbit is closed indefinitely for renovations.

Groceries: Pathmark @ 125th BUT there is an Asian fruit market I love on 3rd avenue between 115th & 116th called Lee's Fruit Market

Laundry: I forget it's official name ... on 115th between 3rd & Lexington

Take-out: oh oh! you gotta visit these guys! Makana's Hawiaan BBQ & Sushi! It's on 1st Avenue between 115th & 116th -- JUST opened

And then specifically for you, best thrift store or shopping locations?
Goodwill at 123rd & 3rd Avenue.

Take a look at Sammy's site.

If you're an East Harlemite and would like to tell us your "Basics" shoot me an email.


  1. You need to put an asterisk next to Orbit - it's closed indefinitely for "renovations."


  2. oh wow! No way! That's a bummer. Thanks for the update Levi!

  3. Another update on Orbit - they seem to be closed for good. There's now a "For Rent" sign dangling from the awning. And I heard from someone at The Duck that the reason they closed in the first place is because there was a shooting on the premises.