Sunday, March 1, 2009


The Bar You'll Root For

NOTE: Restaurant is closed indefinitely for renovations.

You're not sure what to expect when you walk into Orbit, a bar and restaurant on the corner of 116th St. and 1st Ave. It could be a dive bar - dark wood-paneled walls and mismatched tables and chairs are the decor - but this bar has bigger dreams of grilled salmon, skirt steak and seafood fra diablo.

Orbit will welcome you with a friendly staff who seem to be on a first name basis with half of the patrons. They are a surrogate family of sorts, but like every family it has its issues – a forgotten drink here, an ambitious dish that doesn't quite make it there. But they are your family, so you root for them in their ups and downs. And like the best family they are always there for you with a round on the house.

Orbit serves generally good American fare, with an interesting hit-or-miss list of specials for the day. The addition of a weekend brunch menu is definitely welcomed in an area with few other options.

The restaurant has lots of entertainment options like live jazz and themed parties.

Location: 2257 1st Ave., at the corner of 116th St.

Phone: (212) 348-7818

Recommended Dishes/Drinks: Grilled Skirt Steak Sandwich, Chicharron de Pollo, for brunch the Breakfast Pasta or Comida de Puta.

Average Dish Price: $12



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