Monday, April 18, 2011

New York Magazine finds Earl's

In the latest edition of New York Magazine the Underground Gourmet guys make their way up to East Harlem's Earl's Beer and Cheese, and they give it a stellar review!

...on several forays to this northern hinterland, we found much more: an ebullient but civilized young crowd mercifully free of frat-house yahoos, good tunes played at conversation-friendly decibel levels, and a bar-food menu that never failed to surprise or satisfy. Having said that, culinary pilgrims should note that the space is tight and, unlike most of the city’s so-called gastropubs, it’s decidedly a bar rather than a restaurant. You are kindly asked to order from the bartender, and depending on the night and the hour, if you’re not lucky enough to wriggle into an inside seat at the single communal table...

And you thought it was crowded before! Here's hoping East Harlem residents can still squeeze into our favorite pint-sized pub!

Read the full review.

Earl's Beer and Cheese
1259 Park Ave
(between E. 97th & E. 98th sts.)

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  1. Well I guess Earls will be crowded.