Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Harlem East -- Another Nickname for East Harlem?

We just recovered from SpaHa (short for Spanish Harlem) and now the Wall Street Journal notes that new business owners are starting to call the eastern side of 125th St, where new businesses are popping up like Wild Olive Market and Sade Skincare, "the New Harlem East." "It contrasts with the many cellphone-, linen- and sneaker-store-lined strips nearby."

Neighborhood nicknames always remind me of an episode of How I Met Your Mother where two characters are convinced of the merits of a certain area of New York City called DoWiSeTrepla. They are told it's "the hottest neighborhood in NYC. The deals are amazing. Much more affordable than Dumbo or Tribeca." They later find out DoWiSeTrepla stands for "Down Wind from The Sewage Treatment Plant." Neighborhood nicknames make me nervous.

Read about the new businesses in New Harlem East, East Harlem or whatever you want to call our neighborhood here.

I love the new stores, but I'm not sure about the new name. What do you think about SpaHa or New Harlem East? Do you like these nicknames or does East Harlem work for you?


  1. It is called Easy Harlem, El Barrio, Spanish Harlem don't come here and try to change what it is