Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Saturday, East Harlem

Last Saturday Sam and I took advantage of the perfect weather and spent time outside having a fun-filled East Harlem day. We started the day with the One Harlem Community Service Day volunteer program I wrote about earlier on the blog. We were assigned work at the Modesto "Tin" Flores Garden on Lexington between 104th and 105th St. We planted flowers and did general clean up in the garden. I'm definitely going to go back and see how our flowers are doing in the next few weeks.
Afterwards we had brunch at Orbit and walked around the neighborhood listening to the ice cream truck music and watching spontaneous sidewalk parties erupt.

Hard at work in the garden

Sam and I celebrated a morning of hard work over Blue Moons at Orbit

NYC Green Cart on 110th and 3rd Ave.

Dusk in East Harlem



  1. Gloria and Sam --

    Just came across your blog... Quite nice to see somebody discussing the sites and locations around East Harlem.

    As a resident in my mid-20s on 118th Street and Pleasant (i'm actually in the deadend between Pleasant and FDR), it's finally nice to see some attention paid to this side of Harlem. Typically, most of the reported attention has been negative or the recent news about East River Plaza. The fact that you have a blog about the positive things to see and do in East Harlem is great.

    Please continue to write and keep the blog updated. You definitely have a committed reader.

    Also, obviously you have been in the area for a little bit, but I wanted to recommmend SpaHa Cafe on Lexington Avenue between 116th and 117th Street. Definitely a nice new addition to East Harlem.

    Joe Delerme

  2. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the comment. We've been to SpaHa Cafe and will post a review soon.