Thursday, June 9, 2011

110th Street Almost Smoke-Free

The Daily News reported today that 110th St. between Lexington and Third Aves became the city's first "smoke-free" block, in a program organized by the East Harlem Asthma Center. But, it's not entirely smoke-free yet, the News notes, "The only holdout was the U.S. Post Office branch, where many workers smoke, organizers said." Have you ever had the misfortune of waiting in line here? According to the News "Fifteen businesses - including the Savoy Bakery, Young's Fish Market, Expo Liquor and RAZA Records - as well as The Mirada condominium and a neighborhood public library branch agreed to join the voluntary project."

Read the full article here.

Hat tip: Rachel


  1. Sweet! Now if it were only free of the urine soaked drunks, sitting on their milk crates next to the liquor store, and the dealers who sell drugs on the steps of the library after hours, then the block would really be great!

  2. anonymous hit it on the head. i will take smokers over the collection of passed out winos that RUIN the block and for some bizarre reason the local businesses on the block do NOTHING about it! it's ridiculous. i am hoping the opening of the new supermarket helps in ridding the block of this nuisance.