Wednesday, December 1, 2010

East Harlem, The Basics 1

When you first move to any neighborhood in Manhattan there's always a few things you'd like to ask the local, like, "Where do you get a great slice of pizza?" and "Where can I get a great cup o' joe?" So, here is the first in a new feature, I'm asking East Harlemites where they find their NYC basics. Think of it as East Harlem 101. I'm starting with five year East Harlem resident Craig Nelson. He's a bit of an expert when it comes to suggesting places to eat and things to do, he's the managing editor of Not For Tourists. It's the online version of those awesome little black books.

Craig Nelson's East Harlem Basics:

Pizza: Slice at Patsy's take out window ($1.75 and best in NYC)

Coffee: East Harlem Cafe (but sometimes bodega coffee oddly hits the spot)

Brunch Spot:
Not a big brunch person, but getting pastries at La Tropezienne is a weekend morning tradition

Groceries: When in season, local farmers markets and out of season Fine Fare or Met Foods (or Whole Foods on the west side)

Place on 105th b/w Lex and 3rd

La Fonda Boricua, Sandy Restaurant, or Polash Indian

Thanks for the tips, Craig!

If you're an East Harlemite and would like to tell us your "Basics" shoot me an email.

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