Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Two Sides of Harlem Cuisine: Culinary Destinations and Food Deserts

The first issue of Gourmet Live, Gourmet Magazine's new life as an online app, has a great profile on Marcus Samuelsson. The restaurateur and "Top Chef Masters" winner's much anticipated Harlem restaurant Red Rooster seems even closer to opening.

Samuelsson and the author discuss some of Harlem's blossoming culinary destinations: Chex Lucienne, Cafe Latte and Settepani, but Samuelsson is is aware that Harlem residents suffer from high levels of obesity and diabetes. He's hoping his restaurant can be an agent of social change.

Also, this week in food news of Harlem the Harlem Harvest Festival and Fresh Foods Summit took place on Saturday. The program was set up, because as their website states, "Our community, Harlem, suffers from the highest rates of heart disease, hypertension, type II diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity in New York City. Our lack of adequate choices for fresh food and vegetables and an over-saturation of fast food options is shocking and characterizes Harlem as what is often called a 'food desert.'"

Hat Tip: Jonah

Here's What Harlem Thinks of Their Food Justice Situation:

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