Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Secret to Museum Mile

This lovely city has plenty of free events, especially in the summer months. Free, of course, is awesome, but crowds (especially on a hot June day) are not. But, don't let the fear of long lines deter you from Museum Mile, that summer evening when nine museums along Fifth Ave open their doors free of charge. Here's the secret to a slightly less crowded experience: check out the museums uptown. The Museum of the City of New York and El Museo Del Barrio are often the less visited museums during the event.

There's lots going on this Tuesday, June 8th from 6-9pm for Museum Mile. At the Museum of the City of New York all of the current exhibits will be open for you to view including their collection of New York City photos and the New Yorker cartoonist Charles Addams' illustration exhibit.

At El Museo Del Barrio most exhibits will be open, including a permanent collection show. The Museo and street artist James De La Vega (who makes regular appearances on this blog) will host chalk coloring activities along Fifth Ave. Finish your Museum Mile experience with a trip to the the Museo's cafe. I was invited to dine at the cafe this Saturday, and I was impressed with their fare. Try the ceviche or the Chile Relleno con Vegetales ($7 and $5). Relax with a glass of tamarind juice, a beer or soda -- the museum has beverages from all over Latin America -- while listening to one of the performances scheduled for Tuesday evening.

Museum Mile
Tuesday, June 8, 2010
5th Avenue between 82nd & 105th

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  1. DELAVEGA stole the show this year! Edgier than years past he hit immigration, abortion, religion and Obama. Even had his Tokyo staff participate handing out limited prints and recording. It was packed by 6 pm. Like an ethereal phantom he zipped through the streets. He left before I could snap a picture of him. Shuffling between light-hearted fish drawings and stifling quotes, the experience was haunting. A true NYC Gem.