Saturday, April 10, 2010

Local Stop: East Harlem

Earlier this week the New York Times covered East Harlem in their Local Stop section. They visited El Paso Restaurant, the Graffiti Hall of Fame, Metropolis Studios and the RaĆ­ces Latin Music Museum, among other stops. I think I would have chosen the Museum of the City of New York and a more off-the-beaten-path restaurant, but nonetheless it's great to see the hood getting some coverage.

What East Harlem stops would you have covered?

Take a look at their slide show of East Harlem haunts.

Photo: Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times

Hat Tip: Levi


  1. Here are a few from a little further north in East Harlem:
    Love Cafe, Pleasant Ave between 115th and 116th

    Pleasant Pastries, 116th and Pleasant

    Mesa Mexicana, 117th and 3rd - best chicken nachos in the city.

    Patsy's Pizza, 1st btwn 117th and 118th - they invented pizza by the slice.

    Demolition Depot, 125th btwn 2nd and 3rd - they have three floors of porcelain bathroom fixtures.

    Camaradas, 1st btwn 115th and 116th - $15 for a pitcher of sangria during happy hour.

    Claudio's Barbershop, 116th and 1st - a haircut's only $10 by a guy who's been cutting hair in the neighborhood for 60 years.