Tuesday, April 21, 2009



East Harlem Mediterranean

A fan of the blog (yes a fan!) suggested we check out Aurum, a Mediterranean restaurant on First Ave. We were excited to try it out, there aren't many Mediterranean restaurants in the area. We went late – around 10pm – on Saturday night for dinner. The restaurant is painted deep burgundy with exposed brick walls and is decorated with photos from local artists with lots of shots from around the neighborhood.

The food was fantastic: classic Mediterranean dishes and great wine. After being seated we were served rosemary seasoned bread, pickled hot peppers in olive oil and feta cheese. After wolfing that down we ordered a Mediterranean Salad with mixed greens – it was perfect and fresh. I ordered the Linguini Seafood which was subtle and seasoned perfectly. But the ribs, I would be amiss if I did not mention the ribs. Sam ordered the Braised Short Ribs, he waxed on poetically about them until I had to try them myself. These ribs were perfect – falling apart in all the right ways and totally worthy of Sam's praise.

They are hoping to have their back patio ready for seating this summer.

2252 First Avenue
(btwn 115th and 116th St.)

Phone: (646) 719-1157

Recommended Dishes/Drinks: Mediterranean Salad, Braised Short Ribs. Linguini Seafood Pasta

Average Dish Price: $14-$25



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  1. I'm glad you reviewed this place- always looks nice as I pass by- I live right around the corner and will definitely be checking it out soon. Keep it up!