Friday, December 24, 2010

Update: Either Yo In, Or Yo Out

As of late December 2010, Yo in, Yo Out now has a liquor license. French food and there anything better?

Your Neighborhood French Bistro

Speaking of French bistros. Oh, we weren't? Sorry, I'm always thinking of French Bistros. I am a lover of all things French, and now we have another piece of France in East Harlem (have you been to any of the French bakeries around?). An adorable bistro/coffee shop has opened on Lexington. It's been open for only a week or so, but I can see it growing into a great spot for coffee, brunch or a small meal. The decor is whimsical: old-fashioned chandeliers, oversized coffee cups with fun designs and a ceiling painted blue with puffy clouds. I know that East Harlem is called Spanish Harlem, but the area is full of ex-pats from France as well as Puerto Rico and Mexico. We were surrounded by French speakers at this bistro – definitely adding to an authentic French vibe.

Location: 1569 Lexington Ave, between 100th and 101st Sts

Phone: (212) 987-5350

Recommended Dishes/Drinks: Chevre Roti au Miel (Goat Cheese Salad), Truffle Croque Monsieur and Chocolate Chaud (Hot Chocolate)

Average Dish Price: $9




  2. I just moved to the area and was very excited to find your blog! Keep it up!